Old skool species

love these guys


Now that’s an adorable face. What’s the species? Can you tell a little about them and keeping them?

Eumeces schneideri. Berber or Schneiders skink. There are five recognized subspecies but most are just known generically as Berbers. The are foot long content little lzards with hardly any problems in captivity. 99% are Wild caught but live long lives in captivity. My first in 1988 lived for 23 years and she was adult when I got her. Being a skink they are omnivores. They relish ripe fruit, all insects and stuf like arcadia omni and insecti gold and reapashy grub pie.

They lke it hot with decent UV. Set up should be arid, with a good depth of substrate as they will burrow to escape the full heat o the day, or when threatened. Rocks to bask on and branches to climb will be appreciated.of 35-40C. The cool end should be around 26-27C

They are active, eat well, entertaining and pretty much problem free. Many people keep them in groups too. They are cheap to purchase and simply amazing


I’ve got one too! Her name is Cactus. She was a one and only at a herp show I went to. My lucky find! Searching for one for my mom, because she loves her too.

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BEAUTIFUL and cute name