Olive oil on snakes? is it OK in small amounts?

At this point I feel you are being purposefully obtuse.

I would invite you to point to any example in this thread where I project human traits onto snakes.

I am, and throughout this entire discussion have been, discussing actual biophysiology.

If anyone here is projecting it is you because you continue to incorrectly state (read: project) that the only way any animal can have natural oils is if they are present and detectable on their surface which is patently untrue


Relax bro , It’s not all about you.

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I’ve used small amounts of petroleum jelly on a small piece of stuck shed before. It worked great and the stuck shed came off the next day.i only did this after upping the humidity and soaking without any luck. No adverse effects that I noticed afterwards. I would assume the same with olive oil in moderate amounts


that’s why i am here :slight_smile:

Yes I used to use petroleum jelly back in the day. it was well effective (and sometimes advised back then) it was even fantastic for suffocating mites and worked well. But over time I did notice adverse effects and stopped. E.g premature shed and poor shed. Just anecdotal. I am no expert.

But for natural oils, I specified a little olive oil in the OP (which i agree with you is Ok in small amount as the video, but I think is a bit safer than petroleum products because its more naturally occurring, more likely for animals to come across it over their evolution and also more easily washed off.)
But now. thanks to considering points in this discussion, Personally I prefer to avoid all oils as there are alternatives. Although I do not discount using olive oil sparingly as described in the video.
Hopefully, others with more research can clairy if the type of oil/grease matters,

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I agree with you about the olive oil vs petroleum jelly. I had the petroleum jelly on hand for probing as I had read that some use this as a safe lube for probing. Now I’m thinking after reading this Olive oil would be safer as a lube for probing??? Just thinking??? Sorry if I’m high jacking the thread, I’m not trying to.


Not high jacking in my humble opinion.
Its all about learning, I have suspicions too, so I am going to research that more.

For probing I would recommend a water base personal lubrication AKA KY or similar water-based

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@khigg yea, but the girl on the till in the pharmacist will look at me strange :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: