Olive python care?

So, Olives have been a dream for about five years now but now I feel that I could work and manage one. Here in lies the problem, how to care for them? Lucky I have been researching their care for a while now, just the variation in what’s recommended is kind of the issue. I even have looked up their geo range to find some weather data. It kinda reminds me of rocky outcropping with some foliage but not like a bone dry desert, actually pretty humid 50% - 70%. As far as basking temps go, I have heard 82-92, but would probably go with 86-87 with a natural gradient.

So how do you guys keep your hotspots? Ambient temperatures? What’s your average humidity?

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Check out the episode of the MPR podcast titled Olive, Macklots, and Angolan Pythons with Dennis Mcnamara. One of the MPR episodes with Nick Mutton, Nick also talks about keeping them.

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Ok thank you, I really want keep them right because I have such respect and care for animals.