Omg my boy shed for the 1st time

Omg im so excited about my baby shedding! I opened his tub to check on him and to clean and i was like whats this? Omg an entire shed in one piece!

Has anyone else felt lile this on your baby’s 1st shed? I know its not his actual 1st shed but 1st since i got him.


I didn’t expect to feel so excited about my snake’s first shed with me, but I was. No idea why! It was just so cute, and good to see it happen smooth and properly. I was so proud of him like he did something big! For him it probably was.


Yes and a complete shed is great because it means he had the proper condition i think. I want to save my baby’s 1st shed much like we would a baby’s 1st hair cut.

At 1st i was like whats this? Silly boy crupled up some paper towel i left for him but when it crunched i was like wow!

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I was super excited when my blood python had her first shed with me. It was kind of rough, I had to soak her several times before she finally got it off, and it wasn’t 100% complete and in one piece. In some ways, her second shed was more exciting, because I was prepared to soak her but then didn’t end up needing to. Her second shed came off perfectly with no assistance from me.

I’ve saved both of them. It’s crazy how much bigger the second one is!