Once again, two clutches today!

Sunlight’s first clutch is arriving today! They’re sired by Odin and they look beautiful so far. Today is Day 39 for her. The strange thing is, Victory’s also laying today on her Day 54. I bred five females this season. This makes twice this year that two of them laid on the same day, despite being bred at different times. I am really wondering if it’s the moon, or sunspots, or what! :upside_down_face:


Congrats! Perhaps they’ve synched up to be a distraction. Can’t hover over both at the same time! :joy:


Yay, congrats! Always interesting to see the distinct bulge of the next egg waiting to be laid.


Lol it does mean I get kind of a twofer, only spend one day trying not to bother them. I really do wish I could actually watch an egg being laid, but I’m not going to attempt that. Maybe next year, with a tiny James Bond style camera for the nest box…:thinking::rofl:

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Kind of jealous. My remaining girl still has me waiting. Hopefully you get lots of good eggs!

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Thanks! I checked on Sunlight a bit ago. I can’t really tell if she’s finished yet, so I left her alone. She looks like she may have another egg or two to go. She may just be coiled “bumpily” but either way it won’t hurt to leave her for a few more hours. So far, her clutch looks beautiful! It’s very different from Victory’s fragile looking eggs today.
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Thanks! Maybe the moon or whatever has my last two laying today will inspire your girl to get down to business.

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Sorry, had trouble loading pic.


Those are some gorgeous eggs! As for the moon, if not that tonight, I have plans to go to a reptile expo in the next state over tomorrow. That might inspire her as the other girl laid when I was out of the house as well.

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Maybe they waited for the peace and quiet. I know people who swear their mares wait for them to leave. One mare was notorious for seeming like she wasn’t ready, then dropping and foaling as soon as he left the barn. Like to go eat lunch. Lol

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Sunlight has finished laying. She produced 18 eggs, with only two which look a bit odd. They candled with veins. I’ve certainly had stranger eggs hatch, so I’m presuming these are viable. They’re all attached in one clump at any rate. They’re set up and tucked away to incubate.

Today - wait, I think it’s now yesterday - concluded the first round of laying here. I really don’t want any second clutches, but Tulip will likely produce one anyway. Victory likely won’t. Not sure about Esperanza, it’s been a few years since she was bred. Princess Irene and Sunlight are first time moms, so hopefully they’ll just recuperate and not lay again this season. Thanks to all who have shared the excitement so far.

Whew. I’m tired! I guess I had better take advantage of the break.