One Last Call

I usually get my last call in October, I’ve never had a call this late before. This little Northern Pacific turned up in a back yard in a neighborhood. Lucky for him they’re reptile people and called the wildlife rescue. He had been striking a lot at at them and also managed to get a foxtail caught up in his mouth. That was a quick fix, didn’t even have to pin him, was able to get out with 24” feeding tongs.

He’s probably only eaten a couple of times since birth but he’s in good body condition for being so young. I’ll brumate him with my colubrids, and interfere in his life as little as possible until spring. At which point I’ll release him back into the greenbelt near where he was found.


So I am going to claim ignorance here and ask what this little guy is and what do you mean by one last call? I suppose you do wildlife rescue and I think that is so kind!

He’s such a sweet little guy all curled up and safe with you! I can’t even make out his little head! :blush:


I’m a snake handler and rehabber for the county wildlife rescue and local Fish and Game. I do all of the rattlesnake stuff. This is a Northern Pacific Rattlesnake. I’m a contractor so I’m generally bouncing around to estimates and job sites. and can make time for the calls.


Oh my goodness that’s wonderful! Even though animals in the wild are self sufficient, they too need a little boost from time to time!

I never would have imagined that little guy was a baby rattlesnake! God bless you for donating your time to help wild animals in need. Sounds like the poor little thing had gotten himself into quite a pickle and was defending himself the best way he knew how!

Thank you @ballornothing for explaining this to me. It warms my heart to hear of happy ending stories like this! That little fella was in the right place to be in trouble! :heart::pray:


lol I had to Google it. Cause I was like “that’s a weird looking hognose” :joy: :skull_and_crossbones:


I know, right?! I thought it was a hognose too so I’m glad I wasn’t the only one! :rofl:


It’s wild how much they look like a hognose or cornsnake at that age. They look so much meaner when they’re older.

Awesome work though!


Poor little noodle found himself in such a situation. I’m glad the folks called you rather than the alternative. Also, really neat to get a peek at one so young! I hope he brumates well and releases easy.


Glad you saved this little guy, Don. Glad you got the foxtail out of his mouth, too. Good grief, ackkk, that must have been uncomfortable!

I confess, when I saw the title of the thread, my mind immediately pictured a pub scene, a bartender’s voice saying “Last call, last call!” (Oddly enough, this mental flash was in black and white. Okay, I’m :crazy_face: today! )


Ok I was with you about the last call until you got to the black and white? :thinking:



I’m glad you saved this little guy, Don
I appreciate people who work with HOTS. love them and would love to own a few. (Copperhead and Gaboon), but I know I would get bit some day. I know my limits as I would want to hold them. Have owned boas for 47 years and only been bitten 18 times. Mostly, babies, but with HOTS, one time is too many.

Anyway, your little guy reminds me of this little hognose I found many years ago. Keeped him for a week, then let him go. He was such a drama queen. :rofl:

Take care


I actually thought I uploaded another photo that showed the tail, and without it they definitely do look like a hognose lol.

Thank you! Any of the larger species definitely get that imposing viper head but the smaller stuff like Rock Rattlesnakes or even Southwestern Speckleds remain ‘cuter’ as adults.

It appears that this litte guy has only had his initial shed so he doesn’t really even make a rattle noise because he doesn’t have enough buttons lol.

On IG I used the song “Closing Time” for the post lol. It kind of feels like I’m closing down the bar at the end of every season. I’m always a little sad when the season changes but winter is when I do the most fishing so I get over it pretty quick :joy:

Thanks Tom. It definitely changes the way you interact with your snake room when you have hots in it. Security has to always be a factor. Luckily I have two snake rooms so I can relax entirely in the room with the ball pythons and hognose snakes. The other room I have to keep my guard up. The venomous snakes can’t get out, but the Beaded Lizards are houdinis and they tend to be unhappy when you discover them roaming around lol.


I’m a fan of old movies, old tv. For whatever reason, I had a memory of a scene from some old celluloid something which my old brain can’t quite place. I’m a fan of old movies. I’m also an old movie fan. :rofl: