One last time ID help

Ok so I wound up getting a female for the male I recently got the shop didn’t know the genetics and I’m thinking maybe snow? Any thoughts? Also I have a anery stripe male what’s the breeding process like Is it similar to ball pythons? Any help on either or topic would help thanks again!


She looks Anery. I will tag @westridge to confirm.


Thank you! I wanted to but I haven’t figured out all the chat functions yet. Thank you!

Of course! You definitely got a nice big girl too.

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I though so. I haven’t weighed her yet the shop owner said he bought them as a pair from a guy who wanted to breed them but decided against it. She’s also a little bitey but we’ll work it out.

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@Lumpy is correct, it’s an Anery.


Thank you!

She’s pretty!

She’s a gorgeous snake! Makes me wanna get more into Sand boas

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Thank you both! And I actually kind of just happened to get one and now I have a breeding pair. Lol there is a learning curve but the more I watch them and learn about them the more I’m getting hooked. They really are beautiful animals!

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For breeding be sure you want to breed them. Just because you can breed them doesn’t mean you should. As far as breeding I’ve found this page to be helpful.

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@erie-herps thank you! And I agree right now it’s more of a learning process for me I’ve never had sand boas before and I like to learn about all aspects of the animals I have and then go from there. Besides I have enough to handle breeding wise with my ball pythons. lol

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