One of my BPs has mites

Best way to treat a BP with mites?

Taurus mites

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How many do you need to treat? there are several methods

Well just one that I’ve seen so far.

“One of my BPs has mites”

Best to assume they all have them, for now.

Get any animal known to be infested away from the rest, inspect the rest daily, or assume proactively that they all have them and treat them all.

Do not half-ass this or you will have a bad time. Act immediately and decisively, and it will be like it never happened. There are lots of effective treatments, these days. Provent-A-Mite used to be my go to. Now I quarantine everything for three months and new individuals get soaked for a while in a white bowl, on arrival, to check for mites, every time.

If they are all in the same area and use the same equipment you may need to treat everyone. They are extremely contagious. I use Frontline … wear gloves, spray gloves, allow animal to run through hands. Switch to paper towel, remove water for 24 hrs.

Like frontline for dogs?

yes… the spray not the topical

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Okay sweet. I’ll try that! And then Can I treat the tubs with that or should I clean them another way?

Nice tip, @steelserpents - I’d love to delude myself into believing I’m never getting reptile mites again, but that’s unrealistic, good to have an up to date treatment. I’m going to talk to our local exotics vet about it (there’s literally one in the whole metro area)

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