One of my many leopard geckos…☺️

I thought I’d show off my beautiful boy….:heart_eyes: he’s a rescue, and after 2 weeks of lots of love — he is doing amazing! He came from a horrible situation, but I am happy that I was able to rescue him and his brother! I will need help figuring out the morphs… I’m pretty sure they are both just normals…but they could be something else as well​:woman_shrugging:t2: His name is Xerxes🫶🏻


What an adorable picture! So cute!


Submit this photo for photo of the month, seriously! Here’s the link. You’ll just add the hashtag and behind it put the letters potm

December 2023 OTM Submission Thread! :snowflake:

Welcome to the community, @leorescues ! You sure made quite a splash with Xerxes! What an absolutely adorable little guy! I see him smiling. You must make him very happy!


Merry Christmas and welcome to the forum! That is one adorable gecko and one adorable picture! What a happy little guy and so deserving of a safe and loving forever home!

So happy you found us and shared his photo! Come back often! :heart::pray:

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