One of our best Urban Camos yet!

The first clutch of 2019 did not disappoint. Probably the most contrast of any Urban Camo we’ve produced over the course of the project.

This hobby is amazing.
And this oddball we haven’t seen before.


Always been a BIG fan of the Urban Camo.


Those are amazing

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Very gorgeous. Is it possible that the oddball is a pied version?

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I’m wondering that myself. I’ve not produced a Pied from this project that has this look. This is 13 years in the making and we’re still learning new things with the project.

Most of the panda pieds you’ve gotten so far have been all white, right? I have heard that sometimes supercinny pieds can have a little pattern though, and the super pastel probably helps. I’d hold that one back and try to prove it out if I were you.

That is one Beautiful animal! just wowwww

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I definitely need a nice urban camo male, I have a nice killer pied for him​:joy::rofl:

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Looks so sick! Can’t wait to see update photos of it :heart_eyes:

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