One pretty normal (possible double het)

When i got this girl, i figured the breeder had some slight camera trickery to make the colors more vibrant, but was still pretty and what i needed, but dang she looks just as good in person! Lol. She is het clown, pos het pied.


Stunning! She is so vibrant

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Just shows how wide a variety “normal” has haha

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That is an exceptional looking normal for sure!


An update on this girl. She is going into shed, so ill add some more after she is out of shed, but here is her now (as you can see, her hunger strike has ended and she is now an excellent eater)

She is certainly not nearly as yellow any more, but the flaming and blushing is still there.

Any guesses as to whether she is het pied or not? Still a couple years before i will be able to breed her and know for certain, but guessing is always fun! For educational purposes, if there are tells that you see, please point them out to help teach us juniors!

A quick recap, she is het clown pos het pied, so the het clown may influence things a little.

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As a quick side note, they are almost gone thanks to the pred mites, but as you can see, while bioactive keeps their numbers low, they take far longer to fully get worked out when using pred mites vs poisons.

Pros and cons. The pro is easier husbandry and mite protection, the con is since it was started after the mites, it still needs alot of time for them break the breeding cycle. Compared to when the collection was infested, its much better, but sadly not fully gone. Every so often i do spot a couple hanging in there.

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I will take a shot at it. I do believe it is het pied. No 100% visually reason. Just a guess from other user post of Poss Het pied questions/comments.

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Fair, ill definitely need to update once she proves one way or another in a couple years so we can all see how our guesses match up!

Adding 2 belly pics to help, the 1 belly pic i did have up there wasnt exactly the best

Ya won’t know hets until ye breed!

Het pied sometimes have the pied markers, but het clowns can also have the same markers. Paul from urban constrictors has a video about it too which is awesome.
Infact someone is selling a female het clown, and it has what I thought was the pied marker (white pied bit, my boy has a few and it het for both) but it’s only het clown. That’s when I was told about them having the same markers now! Pretty cool :grin:


I am going to have to check that out. This is the first I heard Clown has the same markers. I know nothing is 100% with these markers, but it is something to follow and see what the odds are as they are being proven out.

I do believe that hets have markers (or something visual, actions, or whatever) that can be a hint. But I also know that most people may never see it, me included. It is something I would love to get more involved in and see if these signs really do exist. This is just my beliefs and in no means am I trying to discredit anyone who states otherwise. I could be 10000% wrong on this, but it never hurts to dig into it anyway.

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This is exactly why i brought this speculatory post back to live with new pictures. As a new breeder, i think there is alot to be learned by seeing what more experienced breeders think and why. My plans to breed her and with which male were already set in stone when i purchased them both, but that doesnt mean there isnt anything to be learned by listening to others speculations.

At the end of the day she will either prove out or she wont, but guessing in the mean time can be both fun and educational!

Remember, not all hets show markers, there could be 0 markers and she could still prove out, so i dont think anyone will get offended by anyone disagreeing with them. This is all for friendly fun, banter, and discussion!

They do exist.

I have a female with no markers that I see and she’s triple het.
And the 2 other girls I’m getting are het clown and I see no marker.
Where as my boy clearly has them.
Not all royals show markers as said.