Only got ONE EGG!

So I am super bummed. My ultramel female, who was bred to a spotnose clown and a fire clown started laying last night. Around 5pm I checked on her and there was a freash pearly :egg:! Went back hours later to check her progress, still only one egg. As of now, almost 24 hours later that is the only egg that has come out. Candled and is fertile. Went ahead and moved it to the incubator. Now here’s the thing. She really wasn’t due to lay until Saturday at the earliest. Also she is still sitting at over 2200 grams. She was only around 1700 when breeding began and hasn’t eaten in a couple of months. So my question, as this is only my third ever clutch, can they lay an egg that early ahead of the rest of the clutch? Or is it likely this one lone pearl is all I’m going to get? I just don’t see how that’s possible given her weight and looks. 15894806752444706126517434839874|236x500

When did she ovulate or had her pre-lay?

Does she have more eggs in her?

Her prelay was the 19th. It appears to me as she has more eggs but what do I know. I know she wasn’t at 2200 ever until after breeding and she has been off feed so that weight is coming from somewhere.

With well developed eggs you should be able to see and feel them. I personally find it’s easiest to count them by letting her crawl through my finger and thumb wrapped around her. It’s NOT the same as palpating and almost no pressure is applied. You want to be very gentle to the eggs that might be there, but you can definitely feel each lump as it moves by.

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25 days between pre-lay and eggs is not unheard of

Now it is important that you figure out whether or not there are more eggs.

Get your female out stretch her in front of you (looking at her profile) and you will see whether or not eggs are present.

If there are and she does not pass them in the next 48 hours make an appointment with a vet, the next one could be too big and needing to be aspired or there could be other issues as well.

A big mistake is to remove the eggs as they are laid instead of waiting for the whole clutch to be laid so removing that one egg was not a good idea.

I’ll try both those recommendations tonight. I was torn with removing the egg but my concern was keeping the necessary humidity. I didn’t want to leave it in the tub too long so when no more came after 24 hours I just went on the assumption maybe she is only laying one egg. But like I said her weight and appearance is telling me otherwise. Going to see if I can get an ultrasound done sooner than the 48 hours. I have a contact in the veterinary field that may be able to help me out. I’m in NY tho and all this covid stuff has everything a mess.

Also I was off by one, I lose track of my days. She laid Tuesday. Looking at her Id say she definitely has at least 5 more eggs.

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If she has 5 more and laid Tuesday give her 24 more hours and make an appointment. What you might want to do tonight is give her a warm nice soak and gently manipulate/massage her in the water someone it helps.

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i just recently had a girl lay one single egg and i knew there was no way she was done, and waited until later that night still only one egg. same thing candled great and left it in with her. She laid 6 more eggs 3 whole days later. sometimes they will lay one i guess. :woman_shrugging: I’ve had them lay a slug or two and then days later lay the rest of the clutch.

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Well thats encouraging at least. Like I said I only have two previous clutches under my belt so I guess there’s much I’m going to run into as I carry on lol. Hopefully she lays the rest soon. I had her pegged for Saturday as a lay date so may give her till then before I take any additional steps.

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I hope that all turns out

I guess no one is mentioning and 2 clutches is 2 more than me but egg binding can be fatal please be aware it’s potentially serious. (If you aren’t already.)

Good luck I hope you get it resolved this weekend

Well still no more eggs. My vet contact is going to make an attempt at sedation and Palpating the eggs out tomorrow. He’s not a reptile specialist so if this doesn’t work next step is an animal hospital a ways from me for surgery. Really hoping to avoid that. Fingers crossed.

I might suggest another vet. They do not need to sedate her to palpate any more than they do to ultrasound. The latter would be my suggestion since it sounds like the vet has little experience in this area. Just my $.02

Yeah, go to a reptile specialist vet that actually knows what they are doing. As @gov_balls said you don’t need to sedate just to get eggs via palpating or even ultrasound. If they don’t know what they are doing chances are they could do more harm than good.

There is no need for sedation to palpate a BP to see how many eggs remain, and if your vet thinks about massaging the eggs out this could have serious consequences not knowing why the eggs are stuck to start with.

Next egg could be too big which mean the first eggs needs to be aspired, this is done with a syringe.

There could be something more serious such as twisted uterus or eggs stuck to the lining of the uterus which if massaged out would lead to serious consequences. (This requires surgery)

Eggs stuck to the lining of the uterus since one passed but the rest has not so many days later is a high possibility.

Agree with everyone else definitely no need to sedate to feel for eggs. I would think they would be able to do a x ray fairly easy to see if there are still eggs in there and how many. You would be better off finding a exotic vet that has knowledge in snakes for sure.

Appreciate all the advice and knowledge. Eggs are out. First one was a slug, rest appear fine with good veins. Mom appears well. Hopefully eggs all make it to term. Not sure what happened but likely won’t breed her again, just keep her as a pet. Her double hets will be doing the heavy lifting now anyway. Really disappointed having an issue after just my third clutch but guess thats just the way it goes. Maybe I’ll get lucky and hit a paradox or twins to offset the bad :crossed_fingers:

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Glad to hear she is doing good and that eggs are out. Did she finally lay them or did you find a vet with some exotic knowledge to help get them out?

Had to have them palpated out. Skipped the sedation as per the recommendations.

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