Only laying 1 egg - crested gecko

One of my breeders laid 3 clutches so far, however the last 2 have only been 1 egg instead of 2. All are fertile & seem healthy as far as eggs go.

Does anyone know why this is?

She is definitely at weight, has been bred before (not by me) and has UV. Other gecko in same enclosure lays 2 eggs.

She is perfectly healthy after each egg has been laid. And appetite remains the same throughout.

In a bioactive enclosure, she has her egg laying spot (chosen by her). I’ve looked everywhere around the spot for another egg, but nothing. Is there a chance she laid another egg elsewhere? Not sure why I ask as it looks as though she was carrying only 1 egg :woman_shrugging: but covering my basis. I have also check the entire enclosure but it’s possible I missed it.

Had anyone else experienced this? Would love some advice. Should I be worried?

I plan to put a camera around her egg laying spot but she just laid, so ages to wait :scream:

Pic is just because I can :rofl:


I don’t usually work with cresties, but have bred leopard geckos. Not every female will lay 2 eggs every time. I even have had one leo who would only lay 1 egg at a time every time.
As long as every other parameter is good and she’s healthy, I wouldn’t worry. I’d much rather have a healthy but slower producing gal over one that burns herself out.

We can’t always get the amazing clutch numbers that people post about all the time. they probably have had a fair share of duds along the way that they just don’t mention.

That said… do keep an eye out for any signs of eggbinding. But I honestly just think she’s quirky and happy with her schedule from that photo :heart:


One of my females laid a 1-egg clutch even though it wasn’t her first. As long as there aren’t signs of egg-binding it shouldn’t be anything to worry about.


I had a girl that did this one season, i tried re-pairing her and then she laid a couple double clutches, but then she went back to laying only one, so maybe some geckos aren’t as good at storing the sperm?? But yeah i agree with the others, ofc always look out for signs of egg-binding, but it likely isn’t a problem in terms of her health, especially considering she’s laying at normal intervals still.


Thank you all for your help :grin: I’m a worrier :sweat_smile:

I know about egg binding and have done lots of research before breeding my lil rascals :crossed_fingers:

I have no problem with her only laying 1 egg, I just feared for her. I know there can be a risk of issues when breeding but I also know the chances are low.

I just needed a bit of reassurance, so thanks :relaxed:


So a little update… After laying 1 egg 12 days ago, she has today laid 2 eggs. I still need to check if fertile, but they are pearly white so I expect they will be!