Only urate no poop?

I got a ball python march 5th (Sunday) it ate that friday, hadnt passed any poop ir urate so i did a 10/15 min soak, it did pass some urate then, but i wanted to give him/her enough time to actually pass poop as well so i waited to feed him/her again but felt bad so i did feed it again on sunday. Today is the friday following the last feed and it has only passed urate again no poop. Temps/humidity all seem to be in great parameters (temp on the hot end it around 91f, cool end 76. Humidity never goes below 60%) is this normal? What am i doing wrong?


They don’t poop every time they eat, it’s not a one in, one out situation. I would just let him be, he’ll go eventually


Agree with above stated. You will not get a poop with every feeding. Go ahead and feed as usual. If they go several meals of correct size with no poop and start to look swollen near the base of the tail then a nice warm soak maybe needed.


You have a bit of “new BP owner jitters!” Your BP will heed nature’s call when the time is right! Not to worry! :blush::heart::snake:


:joy::joy: I think we have all been in this position when entering this hobby in one way or another


Oh thank goodness lol you guys have definitely put my new bp baby nerves to rest lol. Thank you all so much!


No problem!!! :blush:

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