Opinion on my foundation male and females?

I purchased three new ball pythons: one male and two females. I plan to breed the male with one of them at a time. Granted, this is a long-term project, as they are all babies. I want to hear your opinions. Did I choose wisely? What would you have done differently? And do you think the industry will leave me behind?

Male: Pastel Butter Chocolate Desert Ghost 66% Het Cryptic
Female 1: Clown Banana Blade Coral Glow
Female 2: Orange Dream Fire Pied


Sounds like a nice start with a good selection of genes! A little note some people concider coral glow and banana to be the same gene but from different lines. And welcome to the community!


Biggest question is where do you want to see yourself grow into in the space?

I think those are probably some nice looking snakes! Whether they’ll serve your goals well really depends on what you’re hoping to do!


Welcome to the community first off! I think your male is a great choice! Chocolate is and will be a very popular morph, dg is a recessive and always a great choice to add to anything! If the het cryptic proves out with your clown female that would be better still!
Your clown, blade, coral glow/banana is also a great choice! Clowns are recessive and the most popular morph out there pretty much! That does mean there will be a lot of competition for clown morphs though. Your od, fire, pied is also a wonderful choice od and fire go well together and having pied as a recessive is great as well! I would suggest finding a male down the line with het pied, Enchi and more od, super od and Enchi also go together well. My advice though is try to breed the dg male with a female that is het dg that would give you a lot of bang for the buck, and you could also breed him to the clown female to see about cryptic, but those females having different recessive traits will make double hets, which is good for a long term project, but might not yield much visually in the first generation (especially if your cryptic doesn’t prove out.)



I second @crypticoils-pythons question about where you see yourself growing into the space. You picked up nice heavy hitter females being visuals. Nice good male. I think you’ve got a good sense of gene stacking on your hand. :slight_smile:


Looks like a nice little trio to me; since you said this is a long term project, I’m assuming you’re fine with creating/working with your own double hets and building from there, so honestly it looks like you’ll have some nice variety in the future.

Personally I’ve been leaning towards being a little male heavy, so if these were mine and I had the space before hand, I’d probably add a pied and/or clown combo male(s) to the group. Ideally with 1 or 2 different genes that the others don’t have (and obviously ones that you enjoy too). As for the “industry leaving you behind” bit, frankly, I would just go into this assuming that it will and go from there. You’ll have to look at these animals way more often than we will. Might as well make stuff you love. :slight_smile:


The million dollar question is what are your goals? What’s your plan? Do you have a project in mind? Whatever babies your create, you’re probably not going to keep ALL of them. Are you looking to create animals for the pet trade (high visuals like banana, BEL and pied do very well sale-wise for pets) or higher end animals more desirable for other breeders (such as double or triple recessives).

You should probably answer some of these questions for yourself so you can have a plan. I understand the desire to raise, breed and create some cool looking snakes, but you gotta have a plan that’s deeper than that.


My advice, do not be tempted to buy any more until you have your first clutch. Its tempting to try and collect all the genes you can to grow at once (ask me how i know) but the cost escalates quickly with each one you add.

1 male 2 females and alternate breeding is the way to go for a starter, and if you chose genes you want to work with and have a plan, then you should be fine.

As for the industry leaving you behind, very few people make money off ball pythons. Between food, electricity, vet, and time spent getting them to sell once there are babies, most are lucky to break even. If you are worried about profits, i would argue ball python wasnt the route to go, but if your concern is will there be homes for the baby noodles, then id say as long as you have a plan and arent producing normals, then your odds are good. (Nothing against normals, but they are a dime a dozen to the point some buy them to feed to snake eating snakes. Its hard to promise normals a good home.)

Any pictures of the baby noodles? You got a lot of recessives, so playing with all the hets will be a task in the future since the male doesnt have any of the recessives the females do.


Would love to see some pics of these three as well! :+1: