Opinions on best pairing for a Pastel Calico female?

Looking to get a male to pair with my Pastel Calico female. Any suggestions? Thought about a Lesser Firefly I have but he’s still small.


Entirely depends on what look you’re going for or want.

Orange dream, spider, and yb are 3 genes I think looks great with calico.


I agree that OD and spider look wonderful with calico. I would add enchi to that list too personally!


I agree with @nswilkerson1 those are all great for calico, your lesser firefly would pair well in my opinion. Depending on both their weights he may be able to breed her next season, males don’t need to be 1000+ grams to breed. Other then that, one of the coolest calico morphs I’ve seen is a Axanthic calico, can’t remember if it was pastel as well. That would be a long game for you though as the axanthic types are recessive.


I must’ve missed the part in the post where you said the lesser firefly lol, I agree that could look great as well. Im a little partial to bamboo after my most recent clutch. Here’s a bamboo calico YB that is my favorite snake I hatched this last year


Wow that’s a great looking snake @nswilkerson1 honestly that came out way different then I thought it would! I thought since the calico starts down low on the sides it wouldn’t have shown up so good on a bamboo, but it’s a really cool look in that morph! Nice holdback!


No clue how it’s going to age, if I had to guess a lot of the side pattern will fade to white, but we’ll see :grin:

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Lesser goes great with calico as well. Super Pastel Lesser Calico I produced last year