Opinions on Childrens Pythons

Just curious on who owns Childrens Pythons and the experiences you have had with them. MY little guy is typically sweet but can occasionally turn on a dime and be a little nasty . Its rare but more funny than anything. I don’t actually know anyone else with one personally. Just would like to know your experience.

I love how visual they are, watching me all the time, very curious and entertaining. Reminds me alot of the Burm I had for years just in a much more tiny package, but similar personality. So much different from my BP’s


I own them. Mine are all quite aggressive they are usually ok once out.Admittedly I don’t take mine out a lot. They are one of my favorites! Wish they had the marbled morph here state side. I currently have a pair breeding now so looking forward hopefully to a clutch soon.