Opinions on dinker. 8-ball complex?

Hey all, I rarely post here but wanted to get some more opinions on this dude. Came in as a normal to my place of work, was informed by someone who used to work for our supplier that he’s very likely a WC import. I’m aware of the variance in normal patterning and coloration, our supplier sometimes sends low quality examples of subtle morphs as normals as well as mixing in WC with their CB snakes in order to meet quota. Unfortunately this means there’s no way to know for sure if he’s CB, WC, a weird example of an existing morph, or just a weird dinker. He apparently doesn’t look like any morph they typically work with, which makes me and the individual I was speaking with think WC dinker is most likely.

I personally think he’s worth working with to find out if there’s something going on. He strikes me as somewhere in the 8-ball complex as he’s got that fatter duckbill-y nose to him, and the pattern on his head looks closest to a mahogany (at least from my furious searching in the past few days), but nothing really jumps out at me as an exact match.

Hoping he’s somewhere in the complex, even if something new. I have a pewter fader I’m absolutely dying to breed him to once he’s at weight.

Any opinions or advice much appreciated, thanks in advance! Can provide more pics at request as well.


Nothing about that animal speaks to being in the BlkPastel complex to me

Also, just as an FYI, Mahogany is not in the BlkPastel complex either

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Thanks for the reply, sorry about the confusion on my end about that. Willing to work with him a bit to see if there’s something cool going on or not, just looking for a direction to start heading in. Thanks again!

Nothing to apologize for. He is definitely an interesting looking animal. And just because nothing about him would indicate being part of the BlkPastel complex does not mean his interesting phenotype might not do fun stuff when mixed with the complex.


Yeah absolutely! Like I mentioned, I see a lot of normals and dinkers pass through but this little dude in particular caught my eye. Hoping there’s some sort of something happening genetically!