Opinions On Inter-Species Co-Habitation

So I’ve seen lots of enclosures with multiple species in them, mostly at zoos. The most common ones I’ve seen are mourning geckos and dart frogs, tree boas and dart frogs, tree frogs with day geckos, and a whole assortment of desert lizards together. What exactly are y’all’s opinions on this? For me personally, I don’t have a problem when zoos do it or when very experienced keepers do it. They have reasons, such as research on inter-species enrichment. I would not do this just for fun though. Especially not a snake with a lizard or amphibian. I always like to learn about new perspectives though, so I want to hear some opinions on this from fellow community members. I know co-habitation can be a pretty heated subject, so I ask everyone to remain civil and at least try to listen to other people’s perspectives. Thanks!


@garciademueller I have not been to a zoo in years but could it be that the co mingling of different species in a zoo exhibit could indicate that said zoo is replicating a natural environment in the wild where the animals in the exhibit would naturally co exist in the wild?

Just a thought……:lizard::frog::snake::blush:


I think cohabitation can be amazing if done with consideration for the inhabitants. I know of some keepers with rather insane cohab enclosures. Now with that said for the average keeper I don’t think it’s a good idea, unless they devote the time to research and weigh the cons against the limited pros.


We do/have done it with many kinds of frogs and day geckos, and for years. Never had had a viv with only frogs in, or only days.
(Until now as put the tumacs in with the colons, but will be adding the mournings in there also, or other days. Just didn’t have time to go catch them all) :rofl:

The snake thing also, many people do this too with frogs, with again, no issues.

Infact we were only saying the other day we would love to do it with snakes/frogs.

I also know many people who keep many frogs together too. It’s amazing really seeing them all cohab in a large viv! :black_heart:


Everyone had stated some good points. I have seen and heard this being done with many combinations. I have not done myself. Put in the research and from many sources. The last thing you want to do is put 2 species together that could harm each other. I recently seen a video with snakes and frogs, but the snake liked high places and the frogs where a natural species that the snake would not eat. If willing to put in the work, good luck. And let us know what you did.