Opinions on this baby?

So I picked up this female pasrel over the weekend at an expo…from a guy should was just the worst…long story short I got to ask zero questions before he yoinked the cash out of my hand, said no cup for you and left me standing, infant snake in hand dumbfounded. All I know is female pastel. I stopped in my local pet store/snake place and together we determined it’s about 2 weeks old, 78g and we were all blown away by the pink on her…we are thinking there’s some calico in there…she’s heavy in what’s probably her first shed, so here’s the best picture I can get.

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There is no calico in her, she’s pink because she’s still so young. Calico is very very easy to spot when mixed with pastel, it gives of orange hues and, you see white. Any questions don’t be afraid to send me a message! I will leave pictures of a Pastel Calico from one of my clutches for a reference.


This is a pastel calico I hatched earlier this year. Calico shows really well on pastel. I can’t believe that someone was selling them before their first shed :frowning: well, I can but that whole transaction sounds pretty shifty


Those are gorgeous! Thanks for the input, I’ve never dealt with a snake so young so I have no idea what to expect/look for. The pictures don’t quite show HOW pink she is, even her belly. It’s terrible, I didn’t get to ask about feedings or weight etc. Guy just strutted off into the crowd like 1970s George Jefferson. Not behind his table…just gone. I wasn’t going to chase him down. I’m above that shit. I just emailed the expo coordinator about how awesome the vendor was. I’ve seen him at expos before, I’ll see him again.

Yea, dude was a punk ass, I’m all tattood and pierced etc but this guy gave punks a bad name lol

She just had her first shed today and it went perfect, just a tiny bit on the tip of her tail remained.