Opinions on this dinker project

So I picked up an exceptional looking subadult albino a couple of years ago from a pet store labeled as just an albino. I paired her to a Mardi Gras last year and hatched out 4, all males. I was personally hoping for white snakes but hatched out something that I think is cooler. I’m personally leaning towards either them having chocolate or mahogany and not something new. I’ve been told that the enchi looks like it could be chocolate but the non enchi looked too dark to be chocolate. Pictures are of the best looking enchi one and of the non enchi at various ages. Cluch photo provided. The enchi in shed also contains this gene in question and I am not certain about the really flamey one (but I don’t think that he does!). Opinions please!


Pictures of the dam:


Very nice color on this albino. Amazing!!

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The banded baby is most likely a Genetic Banded. Your albino looks like a kind of like a Genetic Black Back albino.

There are probably ~100 different lines of genetic black back and genetic banded that have come and gone in the hobby and most new keepers have no idea they even exist.

The banded baby is an enchi. I’m more questioning the dark blacks, the chocolate colored blushing, and the overall darker appearance of the dam and babies.

Why would you think you would get a white snake from an Albino x Freeway Enchi? The female does not carry anything that would make a white snake when paired to that male

That Albino has very distinct dorsal markings so it most certainly is not a GBB

I do not see anything other then the expected outcome of Asphalt/YB het Albino and Enchi Asphalt/YB het Albino.


Update on my super normals. Bred the non enchi son back to mom. Small, neat looking clutch. Some how managed to hit on yb/Asphalt on all 3.

I am not sure how you are surprised with the outcome being that you were told the non-enchi in the clutch was a gravel or yellowbelly het albino. You somehow thought that meant it was ‘super normal’?

Gravel/YB het albino -x- Albino will give you a mix of
Het albino
Gravel/YB het albino
Albino gravel/Yb

You hit some great odds on this clutch. But I suggest trying to brush up more on the genetics involved a bit more to know what you’re dealing with.


I would agree. Still a little confused why you thought you would get white snakes out of that pairing.


This is 1.5yrs later? And still unsure about how the gentics work and wanting to assume an added gene(chocolate?) that doesn’t exist? I hope this and super normal are just sense of humor. I hope these are all holdbacks and not passed on to someone as xyz? genetics. Not meaning to call out the OP specifically (still hoping joking) but unfortunately the past few years have had a significant increase in this type of “breeding”.