Orange Belly vs Yellowbelly

So I was showing off some pics of my first clutch, and I got asked if I was sure one of the patents wasn’t orange belly instead of yellow belly given the prominent orange bellies. The pairing was an ivory x what turned out to be a yellow belly.

Since orange belly wasn’t even on my radar I tried looking it up and the only thing I could find was an old post saying it was another line of yellowbelly that sometimes produced ultra and graphite yellowbellys. That was from over 9 years ago and I can’t seem to find anything that gives any real distinction or more current.

Anyone have more experience or know of any other sources of information?

Same animal different line, just like goblin, bling etc.

Unless you got your animal from someone who keeps linkage records and got his animals from Ben Siegel, it could be anything without anyway to tell.


Im reading in this forum for the last few years, finally i registered for this post. Got many helpfull tipps from here for the beginning and checking here every few days. Im a hobby breeder from germany, so sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:
I started a small collection for my breeding plans 2 years ago, this year will hopefully be my first „real“ breeding year. I focused on pieds and highway stuff for the beginning. On my search for female yellwbelly complex stuff i stumbled over a graphite ivory (super orange belly) female from a german breeder. Its not related to the ben siegel line. The breeder told me, he imported the line years ago by himself. Since then he has produced more ivorys with the graphie look to them an very beautyfull orange bellies. I tried to inform me about the orange bellies. Got the same problems like you. Almost no information about the morph, and very old. Is there nobody out there working with it? I decided to get the girl a few months ago. Its too soon to tell something about the breeding. Shes a juvenile 1 year old female and shows the typically graphite/silver sparkles allready. The single gene animals look a lot like more reddish yellow bellies. But the super form with the greyish sparkles are really unique. Any information would be helpful. I will try to make orangebelly highways when the girl is ready. Really couries what they will look like. Also no information what the orange belly will do when combined with the gravel gene :man_shrugging: Nice project to start with, i think. Because i hope there will be surprises and a lot potential in the pairing :sunglasses:

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I hope i do it right, first time i post a picture here. Thats the graphite ivory girl. You can see the graphite spots a little bit coming in. After every shed there are more. The father has it all over his body, started as yearling. Before that he looked like a normal ivory. Problem specially with the single gene is to seperate the orange belly and the yellowbellies because there are that simillar.
Also there is a little bit information about the orange bellies on youtube by a breeder named „marauder morphs“ :wink:

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Thanks Deb, I’ve been meaning to get back to this thread for awhile, and since almost ever post I have been able to track down regarding orange belly’s has you at least referenced in one way or another I was hoping you’d jump in.

I was able to trace her, the ivory, back to Ben.