Orange Bitey Thing Fang


is that a spider?

Tarantula fang… and it looks ABSOLUTELY terrifying up close… amazing, but terrifying. I am NOT a spider person at all. Awesome macro shot though, very well done! Curious how this was taken though, not up on macro photography at all. Was this specimen still alive? I’m totally picturing you shoving a probe macro lens up in his grumpy little face telling him to smile for the camera. :joy:


wow! how did you manage to do something like this so up close?


Now this is real photography. Not just a really nice picture, but world class photography. :clap::clap::clap:

I know a lot more goes into taking amaizing pictures like this than just holding a camera and snapping. This shows how well you are at choosing so many factors perfectly.

You can see individual scratches along the fang :flushed:.

What size comparison are we looking at to a penny?

Also, I’ve seen people create pictures of the moon where they “merge” 100s of pictures together to get crystal clear images. Is that something that would be doable on this scale?


Ah the Orange bitey thing aka Orange Baboon Tarantula aka Pterinochilus murinus from Africa. Pretty old-world species infamous for its bad temper. And once again you’ve showcased the beauty of nature although thats not something I ever would wanna feel poking me. How did you manage without getting bit by that fang’s owner?


Amazing and terrifying at the same time. Very nice work.

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Hi all sorry been offline This was a combo of 50 images merged together