Orange dream and super orange dream clutch

Please if y’all could help me determine which hatchlings may be super od or just od that would really put my mind at ease :heart: also the pied gene has made it hard for me to tell whether some are enchi or not

Mom and dad are the last two photos (orange dream pied x orange dream banana enchi pied)

These are the photos I have, if necessary I can get some better ones in natural sunlight. it was raining yesterday when I was going to.


Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on a gorgeous clutch! Someone will be along soon who can give you their opinion on what your gorgeous babies’ morphs are!

I don’t have much to say, other than that number 5 is coming with me, I LOVE it.

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I am not good with ball pythons but just want to take a guess for fun. Amazing clutch either way!

  1. Super OD banana pied
  2. OD enchi pied
  3. Enchi banana pied pos OD
  4. Pied
  5. OD enchi banana pied
  6. Enchi pied
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