Orange dream? Yellowbelly? High quality normal?

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Showing the actual belly would really help :wink:, at each have very distinctive belly markings.

At first glance due to the poor quality of those pictures I would have to go with neither OD or YB

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belly kinda makes me think vanilla. I know the pics are low quality but in seeing her in person I’m almost certain it’s not a normal. I bought her from a local mom and pop pet store that often throws their low quality morphs in with the lower priced normals if they aren’t selling well.

Definitely not a YB or OD belly.

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I just want to confirm how you determined no OD or YB. OD would create a clean belly while YB would create a busier “checkering” especially along the edge of the ventral scales. Is that correct?

I agree with steward. And definitely not vanilla.

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Yes but one more thing about the OD belly, they have train tracks similar to Pied markers.


Don’t they all kinda differ from one another some might have strong tracks and others don’t.

The tracks are always very variable in both.

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Do you know of any good resources about ID’ing vanilla, or personal tips?

Vanilla will usually have a whiteish head. It’s a lighter gene. It will also brighten yellows. I produced all these this year they all have the vanilla gene.image|445x500


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maybe Fire