Orange ghost and Ghost ball pythons

I wanted to ask, I have a ghost female and a orange ghost male and I was wanting to know are they compatible or not? Like if I breed them together will I get visual ghosts or will I just get het ghost and het orange ghosts? Thanks guys I’d appreciate the help on this

Ghost is a generic name. Orange ghost is compatible with most hypo genes but not all.


Not all ghost/hypos are compatible, however, unless you know the specific lineage of both snakes, which almost no one does with hypos, you won’t know if they are compatible until you try. That being said, most are compatible.


Okay so my chances are high on producing a visual ghost/orange ghost?

I know of 3 similar looking lines that are incompatible. Luckily one covers about 99.9% of the market.

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So do U think me breeding my ghost to my orange ghost that I have a great chance at producing hypos?

99.9%. The other lines are few and far between.