Orange glow x lavender albino reticulated python breeding

I was wondering what would happen if I were to breed a orange glow reticulated python with a lavender albino since the morphmarket calculator just makes double hets. If anyone knows i would greatly appreciate the information.

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I don’t know much about retic genetics, but if the morph market calculator is saying your only gonna make hets that tells me these genes are recessive, and the animals produced will look like normals, but be het for both genes you mentioned. Breed them to a visual orange glow or to a lavender albino that’s when you will see more visuals. To see visuals both parents have to carry the gene. Where incomplete dominate traits only 1 parent has to carry the gene to see visuals.

Orange glow is the Indo caramel and the Clark strain albino…expressed in one animal(white, purple, or lavender)…when bred together, they create a visual albino…(the orange glow), because the Indo line of T positive albino, and Clark strain albino…lay on the same allele. So if you bred a lavender to an orange glow…you will make albinos and orange glows…the albino strains you would produce, will depend on which phase of albino was used to make the orange glow(because a lavender is when you have a purple parent, and a white parent). So if it was a lavender…you will make all three phases of albino, plus orange glows. A purple would get you OG’s, purples and lavs…a white would be OG’s, lavs, and purples…hope I dodnt confuse you more than I helped…but that is what you would get.


I read you loud and clear, you’ve helped a ton, thanks.

You’re welcome!

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