OrangeBelly Mardi Gras

Something different? Or a Mardi Gras with a different name? You decide


In my experience with Orange Belly, the combinations look very similar to the same Yellowbelly combination as adults. I have noticed visible differences as babies and juveniles, but those differences (usually more intense color) tended to mellow out as the snakes aged. This was most pronounced in the Mojave Orange Bellies that I produced, but was also seen in the Orange Belly Specters that I produced. They were stunning and amazing as babies. They looked quite different from Mojave Yellowbellies. But once the female I held back was up to breeding size, she looked much more like a Mojave Yellowbelly. I will say though, that when I breed my Orange Belly Specter, I could clearly tell the difference between the Orange Bellies and the Specters. This fall, I will be breeding a possible Paint Asphalt Yellowbelly to an Orange Belly female, and working on this same question. I also have a female Gravel that I am raising up to work with my Orange Belly stock. I am very interested in seeing if Orange Belly is distinguishable from Asphalt and Gravel.


Clean hatchlings all-around JT. Those enchi combos look really good. Awesome clutch.