Organic soil recommendations? Downsides?

I’ve seen more people recommend getting more bang for your buck by purchasing big bulk bags of “organic top soil”, while advising to stay away from soils that have fertilizers, vermiculite, and plant food additives.

But I feel like I’m having no luck finding actual “organic” soil bags that don’t list some kind of plant food in it. :frowning:

Any recommendations for a specific brand I should be looking for?

(I’ve just been using the usual ecoearth bricks and playsand mix for my snakes’ substrate for the past few years. Is topsoil worth doing?)


Bumping because i also want to know!


My dirt/soil equivalent for my isopods is organic compost of any brand. Is that what you mean? As in, a single ‘ingredient?’ I’d imagine that any soil that’s organic and free of fertilizers would work.

Or do you mean what folks use for a full bioactive substrate mix? Here’s a post I made about the substrate I use for my isopods. I plan to use something similar in the bioactive I plan to set up.


Thanks for the example, I guess I’m hung up on what I’ve seen people say about avoiding organic soils that have any “slow release” plant food, fertilizers, and little nutrient pellets in the dirt.
But those same posts don’t really explain why to avoid it.