Other options for keeping tortoises indoors

Hey everyone, I’ve had my little Russian tortoise for 15 years now and I’ve absolutely loved him! He lives in a 5x3 wooded enclosure with uvb, 2 water bowls, heat bulbs, 8-10 inches of substrate, and tons of rocks, hides, and logs to climb on. I’m just in love with tortoises and I’ve always wanted to get more but just haven’t had the space to have anymore than one, because a 15 foot rectangular box full of dirt takes up a lot of floor space. Now I’ve got the space in my basement to keep more as pets. I’ve got a yearling Red foot tortoise coming in very soon and I’m gonna keep him in a large 4ft water trough that I’ve got all ready. That way he can grow and I’ll upgrade to a much larger enclosure in a couple years when needed. My problem comes in here, because I’m not a huge fan of using wood again to create this bigger enclosure. Woods just really heavy, not as water resistant as I’d like, and I’m not really a huge fan of how it looks. Although that last one’s just a personal thing. What are some of your guys opinions on other things I could use to build new enclosures. I’m also not opposed to buying a larger enclosure if anything like that exists.

I once saw a very large (very) metal water trough that was used as a tortoise enclosure. It was big enough that there was a small water feature in a small trough inside of it. Should have gotten pictures.


Really, that’s interesting. I love the idea of a water feature. I’m gonna have to do some looking around and see if I can find a big enough water trough.

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You might contact some of the PVC cage manufacturers. I have heard of a few that have done custom work turtle tables