Our 2023 Collection!

This is for everyone to show off their current collections or what they’ve gotten at the recent expos!

I’m a first year breeder just getting started! We currently have 10 in our collection with one gravid female! We just picked up a few from the most recent expos! Check them out and drop yours!!!

The newest in the collection,
0.1 Vanilla Cream Cinnamon with a beautiful ringer

Our gravid female,
0.1 G-Stripe bred to a Cinnamon Hoffman Genetic Black Back

1.0 Pastel Lesser Vanilla

1.0 Pastel Leopard Pied

1.0 Coral Glow Black Pastel Leopard

1.0 Bamboo Firefly Orange Dream

1.0 Goldblush Mojave

0.1 GHI Firefly Calico

0.1 Cinnamon Lesser Spotnose

0.1 Coral Glow Crystal

That’s our collection so far! Give us your thoughts and share your own!!!


These are all awesome, but this one is my favorite by far! :heart_eyes:

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