Our Dark Matter Project (new recessive)

We have been working on this project for some years now and are still yet to isolate the gene which we have labeled Dark Matter.
We have however reproduced without fail what we are calling a Dark sun.
We are 99% sure that the Dark matter gene is allelic with Albino/Candy and what we are calling a Dark sun is a visual double het Albino Dark Matter, we have proven this many time to the point where we can guarantee if you breed a Dark Sun to an Albino you will not hatch any normal/classics. You will only hatch Dark Suns or Albinos.
We have also had the same results when breeding Dark suns to Candy’s. (We are calling the Dark Matter Candy double visuals a Dark Nova)
We have so far introduced Black head, Pastel and Cinnamon to the project.
There are quite a few people in the UK who have seen these in the flesh.
Please let us know what you think.

dark sun on eggs
dark sun

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What a cool new gene. How’d you come across it? How does a single-gene Dark Sun super differ in appearence from the double-het Dark Matter? Or a Dark Nova? How do these guys look when they hit adulthood – is there a lot of darkening/browning out or does that bright cream/dark black stay vivid? I’d love to know more.