Our First Show as a Vendor

We made it through our first day at our first show! It was quite an experience being on the other side of the table. I’m very much the introvert, while my wife is very extroverted, so we balanced out the energy nicely. The staff at the venue was awesome and the other breeders were very welcoming and great to talk with and learn some things.

Much respect to those that vend at these shows - there is so much behind the scenes stuff that has to take place before the show starts that it can be mind numbing.

Anyway, here’s what our table ended up looking like, minus some of the larger displays that went in the middle.


Was this Repticon in Grapevine? We arent going to make it to that one, unfortunately. Hope you were wildly successful!


@spottedbull, Yes sir! Repticon Grapevine. Day one went fairly well for us, I think. Talking with other vendors, we did better than some but not as good as others. We aren’t in the main room, but that is alright. Attendance was way over what i was expexting for day one.

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Hey that’s great. Last time we went up to that show it was super slow. Maybe we can meet up at a future show. Good luck tomorrow!!