Our Hybrid Albino Alternas Project

We started breeding Gray Banded Kingsnakes back in the mid 1980’s, and we quickly found them to be one of our favorite snakes. They are very docile, very handleable, and once you get them past their first year they become very hardy and easy to work with.

I always wondered what an albino Gray Banded Kingsnake would look like, and in the early 2000’s an opportunity came up that could let me answer the question, so I jumped on it.

Around the year 2000, we purchased a pair of Hybrid Ruthvens/Alternas that carried the Albino Ruthvens Kingsnake genes.

2000 Ruthveni-Alterna Cross (Female)

F1 - Ruthveni-Alterna Cross (Female)

In 2004, this pair produced a clutch that contained just a single Hybrid Albino, that happened to be a male with “mostly” Alterna traits!

(Circa 2004)
2004 Hybrid Albino Alterna

(Circa 2022)

That male has since been bred exclusively with pure Gray Banded Kingsnakes, and this year we produced fifth generation Hybrid Alterna babies containing several albinos!

Aren’t they beautiful!


As a family that also LOVES grey banded kingsnakes, those are fantastic!! The jagged bands on the non-albinos at the top of the picture are probably my favorites, though!


Thanks. We call that the “Bat” pattern, a favorite of mine as well.


Agree 100% with @spottedbull amazing animals! I love the batwing look on those colors! This is the same type of thing that a lot of milk snake species have had done in there linage to get albinism in there gene pool. I know some purists may not like the fact that you used a different species in the making of these, but these are captive born pets. There is no issue unless the breeder or seller is dishonest in the genetics or way they were able to accomplish this goal! Great job! Super cool long term project!:star_struck:


Welcome to the forum @hybridalternas! You have some bodacious animals there! What a unique project! So glad you found us! This is a terrific group of reptile enthusiasts! Keep us updated on your incredible animals and future plans! :blush::heart_eyes:


Yup, I agree with all your post. I’m a big fan of breeders who work to maintain locality traits.


Thanks for the encouragement. I’m new to the site and really like it!