Our neighbor - Bubbles

Our kids named this black rat snake “Bubbles” 2 years ago. It’s been spotted in our crawlspace, as well as climbing up the side our house (think it has a taste for the bats who occasionally roost on our eaves.) An excellent neighbor whom we got a nice glimpse of today after our cookout got rained on.


I didn’t know that bats were on the menu for these snakes. I guess they resemble rodents a little too much for their own good.


Wow, what a gorgeous neighbour you have there. :heart_eyes:


This isn’t Bubbles, but a joy to see nonetheless!
May seems to be the month these guys are the most active around the house.


Beautiful neighbors! Brings back good memories for me. There was a big black rat snake who lived in our barn when I was a kid in Indiana. He didn’t exactly have a name, but Dad always called “my buddy.” More than once, when Dad decided to nap at the barn, he awoke to find his buddy beside him. Guess that human body heat was appreciated!

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