Our new breeding pair! Roll on 2024!

We finally got our stunning pair of Bullsnakes at the start of November. The male is a ghost (Axanthic Hypo) potentially het for the other strain of hypo and whiteside. Female is multi-het, 100% het axanthic and hypo, possibly het other hypo and whiteside. I just adore these guys, and they aren’t seen all that much in the UK, which is a shame given how easy they are. Just gottta watch the attitude :rofl:


Those are going to make some awesome babies!


Congratulations! Love the male!


Nice sayi , cool examples you got there bud !

Welcome to the wonderful world of pituophis :+1:


Thanks all! Working on getting these guys grown up now :heart: they both eat like pigs, and are growing like weeds just now.

The male doesn’t act like a Bullsnake, he’s a sweet, gentle personality.

The female is enough Bullsnake for all 3 of ours and has tagged me more times than I care to count. She shoots out of her burrows and is back in before the blood even starts :rofl::rofl:

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These guys are both massive now at 9 months old! It’s a bit of a shock if I’m honest to see how big they are compared to when we’ve got them. They’re both about 150g now.