Our reptile room build

Stand side is in the reptile room and the finished window side is our basement livingroom side.


Very nice.

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Added a new stands itll fit a 6ftx2ft cage or tank


Got the new $20 125g in place today

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Not sure where you got a 125g for only $20, but you robbed whoever had it! That’s a really good deal on that large of a tank. Very cool way to set up your space!


Some lady had it and she got it for her kid to play in, when i handed her the $20 she said oh i wouldve just given it to you.

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Who…who gets a kid a 125 gallon glass tank for their kid to play in? What ever happened to kiddie pools? :joy:


Thats what i thought but i didnt say a word and just loaded it up lol.

Moved the beardy into the 125g today