Our "rescues" happy story- Wasn't sure if I'd ever post this

Long story…bleak future to beautiful thriving girls. I think that with all the chaos in the world currently it might be nice to share this story about hope and perseverance prevailing in the end.

So I had an internal back and forth with myself on whether or not to share this bit of a sad, sort of “rescue” situation that was really scary at first because I thought I’d lose at leasr 1 of these girls that has a positive outcome, better than I ever expected.

In April I had a chance (fate?) interaction with a complete stranger who had 3 mid-priced beauties and a nice lower-end ball python. This keeper was ashamed and distraught about a sudden career change that required their parents (elderly) to try to take care of them and the snakes’ health had declined so much that he made the rough decision to search for a better home so that they could be cared for by someone with experience with bps. After a video call for introductions and to see my setups, temps, current snakes, etc. he decided to hand over these 4 girls to me for free with the only conditions being that I keep in regular contact with updates on them, which I have consistently done. And if they were ever bred by me that one offspring go to him.

I should also mention that 3 of the snakes were bought from MM with proof of sale/receipt to corroborate.

I was shocked when we finally met in a neutral place for me to take them home with me (well, us). They looked, in my opinion, like they were close to dying. So, knowing they really should have the strict no-handling time, I went against what best practice is and immediately started soaks, getting supplies, contacting our reptile vet, and got to work on these sick girls. I was afraid if I gave them the no-touch period they would be way worse off. So after many months of holding on to hope yet uncertainty about their future, I’d like to post these girls’ glow-ups. I cut down on size and frequency of feeding almost 2 months ago when I felt their weight was bordering on obesity. Thanks for reading.

Um my house is a mess, yep. Pictures are in sort of a progression order from worst up through to a few weeks ago at their recent photo shoot.


Very nice to see that these beauties have been taken in and cared for. Great job! How often are you feeding them now?


I would definitely move down to feeding every 3 weeks but other than that they are perfect! They are all so pretty!


Thank you! I moved their prey size down to weaned rats and feeding every 2-3 weeks now. They’re looking much better now; the most recent photos I posted are from August and for some reason I don’t know what happened to the ones from September now that I think about it :thinking: I will take some updated pics on deep clean/handle/weigh day and post here. The look great compared to near obesity. I think they are at a pretty good body condition now. And it sure saves a lot of money!

The photos I posted of their condition right when I got them makes it look like I’m exaggerating a bit with my story but 2 of them were sooo dehydrated, like their skin was kinda hanging off them, AND they had lots of mites. Obviously the scale rot showed up pretty well in the photos and some of the brown specks are from dirt substrate (!!) but the mites were like the plague. I actually am just now getting ready to move them out of quarantine to my snake room next weekend.


Well Gina I have to say thank you lovely lady for this uplifting and heartwarming happy ending post, especially at a time when this old world is full to the brim of pure hatred for one another.

The animals you rescued were certainly in dire need of tender loving care to restore them to their original state of health. You mentioned fate in your original post but I think that deep down you know that for every thing there is a purpose. Not one thing is ever accidental.

These animals deserve to live a healthy life with a family to love them. Would that all animals in the world have families to love them like your family. I am going to relish in this happy time. I am not going to offer any advice whatsoever because you have it covered and absolutely nothing needs to be said here other than God bless you dear lady. :pray:

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Its good to see someone is helping snakes in this situation.
Keep it up :+1: