Out of curiosity

Am I able to let my ball python move around through my grass outside???(supervised of course) I’ve only been handling inside my home but been thinking about taking her outside for a bit is that ok? There are people who walk dogs around my area a whole lot so dog scents are big around my area… will that be of any concern?


Absolutely, as long as temperatures are ok for her, and you avoid any areas that have been treated with chemicals or sprayed with pesticides


I would have a few concerns in addition to temperatures…
You don’t want to freak out uneducated neighbours and attract bad publicity with a snake free in public grass.
I would worry about worm eggs and other parasites from the other animals defecating in the grass so would at least wash the snake after.
I would worry about dogs attacking the snake free in the grass.

That’s Just me, I would not do it myself on public grass areas. I prefer to have them out in the house for exercise.
Edit, or my own private garden.


Totally! I love letting my bps slither around and explore. As stated above make sure there are no chemicals like fertilizer or pesticides on the grass


I built an outdoor enrichment area on my property a few years ago. Myself and my employees spend a lot of time outside with the animals during the warm seasons. I work with ~16 species. I’ve not had issues with a single one.


This is the only place that I agree or would suggest. The only time Kai has left the area of my property is to go to the vet or once when we were returning from the vet, I brought him to a private beach in a pillow case and only came out for a few minutes for pictures.