Outdoor caging

what species can be kept outdoors in deep south texas? going to start building some enclosures for the outdoors and I am considering keeping my bearded dragons, green iguanas, banana pectinata, frilled dragon, and possibly BTS. the weather here ranges are shown below.

January 68° / 46°

February 73° / 50°

March 79° / 56°

April 84° / 63°

May 89° / 69°

June 93° / 74°

July 95° / 75°

August 96° / 75°

September 92° / 72°

October 86° / 64°

November 77° / 55°

December 70° / 48°

the humidity stays pretty high year-round and I’m unsure if that would interfere with proper care for some of these species. I would be adding heat panels inside hides or bringing them in for the winter.


I would look in to Morelia bredli, they could probably handle most of that (might need to come in during the coldest months)


I was looking more so what animals I currently own that I could move outside

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Does anyone have any insight?

What are the temperature gradients for the animals? Figure out the temperature in shade and in the sun and assume it’s the temperature gradient. If it’s around the same temperature then it could work.

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That’s true thank you. would the elevated humidity affect the bearded dragons? I have seen Heather Moye of fairy tail dragons setup and I think it could be executed in south texas because the climates in both regions are similar.

How high is elevated humidity? You could always add a heat bulb to dry out the enclosure if it’s too high.

Yearly humidity averages at about 75% but never below 60%.

Try some experiments and see if there’s a way to lower it (eg. heat lamp). However that would be way too high for bearded dragons. Check that it also wouldn’t be harmful to any of the other animals before you try this.

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I don’t think it would be harmful to my iguanas or NG frilled dragons due to them being tropical species.


I agree, if you can get the humidity down so it rarely goes over 50-60% then it would be okay for your BTS too.


Threw this together

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Green iguana update


Frilly cage

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Banana pectinata cage

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Still need some touching up to do before they go outside

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Lots of shade and a misting system to keep the temps a little lower for your animals that can’t hang with our 100+ summer temps and you’ll be fine. The drier species I wouldn’t mess with keeping them outside personally.


thinking of making half of the roof shaded by added plywood over the screen and adding some hides and palm fronds or some kind of leaf litter