Outdoor Housing for Reptiles

Anyone use a tuff shed or build a shed for their reptiles? Interested in what plans you used before building or buying, Size you went with, mistakes or regrets?

If you mean a outdoor shed then the most important factors are:

Your locations temperature (will you be able to manage the fluctuations at all times of the year)

Your locations humidity levels (same as above)

Pollution (are you planning on building next to a busy road/river)

Local wildlife (are there foxes/wolves/ other animals that could put your own at risk)

Foundation (the last thing you want to do is build on top of the previous owners “filled in” swimming pool, and it collapse 5 years down the line)

Once you have worked out where you want to start and the dimensions of the shed then you can look at the options available that would suit you.

Wood will eventually need replacing, whether it be as a whole or just a panel here and there. The roof will need constant treatment and leaks are more likely to happen.

Concrete will last a lifetime but will cost more to build with and will be harder and more expensive to replace should something happen. Foundation will need to be spot on and concrete is harder to work with when it comes to actually putting the thing together.

If you have tall trees on your property then these need to be taken into account. If you live in a fairly mild place weatherwise then they can help shade from the sun and also protect from the snow, which in turn will lower the repair counts, but if you have frequent high strength storms they could end up crushing the building should they lose branches or uproot altogether.

There are many factors to take in before you even get the materials. Spend a few days just walking around and picturing what it would look like here and there, look for issues that could come up with each spot, accessibility with heavy items and so on.

Good luck though.

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Thanks for the information. I live in a residential area. Not predator animals, trees, or filled in pool to worry about. Im really curious about the dimension’s of a comfortable space.

I added a photo to show my empty yard lol


It seems you have enough room and perfect flat land to work with.

What is the weather (temps/humidity/elements) like there throughout the year?

I’m just going off of the pic for reference but the ground seems dry so I think maybe dry throughout most of the year?

Well you definitely have alot of room to work with if you wanna make something really nice


Summers are pretty hot, no snow or anything in the winter, just rain. Humidity is pretty low. Definitely would have to insulate the building.

Dry, but the ground is surprisingly easy to dig in.

Yeah it should be fairly easy to install a shed then. There are so many ideas to go with in terms of what shed you want and what you wanna do on the inside.

Ive been looking at a 20’x12’ shed from costco. Ill start looking at mire options this summer. I also need to think about landscaping for that bare yard lol.

This is obviously just my opinion so I’m not telling you what to do I’m just saying what I’d do. I would have the shed somewhat close to your house, maybe along the fence to the right because you also have to run the cables for heating. But yeah whatever you choose it should turn out pretty cool

Thats exactly where i want to place the shed.

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Nice house

Any updates on the shed?