Outrageous Petco Prices

What do you guys think of this, I think it is nuts


That’s insane :joy: :joy:

And it’s probably a male too


Oh I forgot to add that I asked an employee and they said that they were told it was a male. Even if it was a female that is still insane.

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I don’t think that’ll sell in the pet trade, I don’t think most people are going to pay over $1000 extra just so it looks prettier than a $50 snake.
Edit: However in the pet trade I don’t think it makes a difference if it’s male or female. Most breeders don’t buy from pet stores especially if they can buy the same snake somewhere else for half the price.


I suggested that they lower the price to around 450 if they possibly want to sell him ever.


Oh, I definitely agree it would still be insane for a female, just slightly mildly less because I can kind of see their logic


I’m just curious, what logic is that? It’s not going to sell at that price and they probably know that.


The tag says it’s an Albino Pied, but I’m assuming bc of the pic it’s a regular pied? Either way it’s way too over priced.


That’s crazy!!! Maybe a breeding size female pied het albino you might get someone to bite but for a male hatchling :joy::joy::joy:



Maybe its actually a magical pied that no matter what’s its bred to you get albino pies regardless.
Breed it to a normal: normal albino pies.
Breed it to a cinnamon: cinnamon albino pies.
Breed it to a leopard: leopard albino pies.
Breed it to an Albino:Super albino pies!
Breed it to a nut: Pecan pies!
He’s worth his weight in rodents…


Did you get a pic of the actual snake?


Honestly, I’m excited to see a retail corporate store offer something like this at all. In 5 years, the price will be more acceptable to the common tastes being expressed here. Retail stores suffer overhead costs that breeders do not. They are entitled to justify their prices to pay their employees and expenses involved in maintaining a retail location.

Would you rather they continue to offer entry-level pets forever? If the animal sells, they will likely expand the concept a bit further and allow folks to meet their potential pet in person before paying, as opposed to risking an online picture to save money as many of us do.

I wouldn’t be so quick to disqualify pet stores as a source for many of the things we need. Most of us, as youngsters, began our herptile dreams seeing what any given pet store had to offer. Many of you went to malls as kids and ran to the pet store before the KB toy store or kids’r’us.

They never were the most cost effective places for pets and supplies. But you did get amazing convenience of multitudes of products and potential pets before your very wonderous eyes.

I bought an albino corn snake as a youngster from one such pet store in a mall. I probably paid double what I could have if I had known better. But the experience is still a heartfelt memory.

Don’t shun the storefronts that the internet has made life so difficult for; for someday you will miss the convenience and the ability to go somewhere for an in-person experience that is there any time you need it.

The world is not perfect, just be careful what you wish for.


No but it was an albino pied

That’s even funnier to me that they wouldn’t even put the correct label because a albino pied is extremely easy to distinguish from any other pied. Also, the average albino pied go for 500 to 700 max for a male hatchling. I would be scared to know what they would sell a normal clown for…


I love having the convenience of going to a pet store for stuff. I was not trying to shame them at all. I just thought that the price was kind of funny. I am sorry, please forgive me. I didn’t mean to come off as a person that hates pet stores or retail stores.


Maybe major pet stores will actually start sourcing their pets from breeders instead of reptile farms and start deciding it’s better to offer them quality care since it’s a bigger loss if they die. Not too much of a problem now but major pet chains aren’t known to have the best care or advice for new pets. I still think that with them being a middleman prices are going to be expensive if they keep trying to do this unless they mass order in wholesale, but I think this idea has potential for pet stores and I’m excited to see what comes out of it.


So, in a prior life, I was a manager of one of the big pet stores… I learned A LOT about reptiles (not having any myself at the time) just by interacting with them at any chance I got. Which, since I was in charge of all the live animals in the store, was an excuse I could make an awful lot. I got to place orders for some uncommon reptiles and learn more about them in the process. Did I agree with everything? no. But did it strengthen my love of herps and expose me to a wide variety daily? YES! Is the experience level and care different at every store? Absolutely. They train employees with computer based training… and if those keep your rapt attention, more power to you. I’m not defending practices or the way they run their business at all or bashing or promoting. Just offering a tidbit of my experience. If you are curious what its like, DM me!

In thier defense, there are only so many labels they can choose from… I’m surprised they even had a pied one! My store didn’t. But yes, that price is insane hahaha


They do this so people will buy them at the repti-days 50% off thinking they got a deal.


oooooh now that makes sense

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Sorta like their dollar a gallon sale? Would definitely make sense from a business standpoint.

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