Overexcited idiot

So my yearling (possibly red factor?) male corn Zues is an over excited eater. The part he loves most I think is “killing” his food. Which has resulted in him dropping a food item and coming for his second and final item. Which in and of itself is fine… Until I’ve realized he hasn’t eaten one. Found a rank rat pink in his hide with him while trying to feed him. So guess who gets to be fed outside of his tub like a baby for a while…

This ball of idiot right here. Our over excited idiot.


He is so cute :heart_eyes:.


I’ll have to get pics of him when he’s not a ball of excite over a food item… He’s really one of my best males attitude wise.

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Although Ive never had any reptile before ever if I was gonna get a snake Id want a Corn snake. Hes so cute I just wanna pet him. How old is he?

He’s just over a year old. One of my best boys temperment wise. Always curious and ready to go. Never any sign tale rattling, musking, or anything else. He’s always been a favorite out of all our boys. And his mystery genetics means we don’t know what we will get.


@meerkatlyndz awesome corn. I used to have one that looked just like that! Also, on a side note just FYI, I’m sure this picture is probably okay cuz you can’t really see anything, but feeding pics are a no go here.

Yup I know feeding pics are a no go. But no food shown just a ball of over excited snake… Trust me I’m careful with my corn shots. Im not about breaking rules around here.

On a note about the snake you had you say looks like this one… Did it have a gravely type belly that’s almost iridescent when the light hits it just right? Cause my guy does and is a loop thrower on his genetics.

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They should make genetic kits like ancestry/23and me ones for humans or the ones that tell you details of a dog’s genetic background but for snakes like this guy and other reptiles.

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@t_h_wyman actually went into a bit of detail about why we haven’t got such a thing already here

Here’s the whole thread if you fancy a read: Genetics/morphs