Ovulation or building

What do you guys think ovulation or building? Went off feed about week ago.


First, what a beautiful looking girl. To your question, look at her belly towards her tail and see if its sucked in. In the pic you posted, it’s a little hard to tell. If you straighten her out, you’ll definitely see her lower half to third balloon up. Someone else with more experience might be able to tell from those photos.

possibly building… the majority of the time (i don’t say always because there will always be an exception) they won’t be able to curve that lower 2 thirds when ovulating. Here is a photo of my bumblebee ovulating for reference.


^I agree Steel, not seeing an ovulation, possibly building, definitely a bit overweight

Here’s another ovulation pic for comparison


Thanks for the input! After seeing those pics I’m sure it’s not ovulation. Hopefully soon!

After she lays you might consider a different feeding schedule or routine. It’s a lot easier to see where they’re at in a breeding cycle when you keep them leaner. They live a lot longer too.


Well now I think she definitely hit ovulation!


Yup, there it is!