Ovulation or not ovulation?

Hey guys you can see any ovulation?

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I have said it before but it is hard to capture an ovy unless it is obvious and are the picture is taken at the right angle.

Where has your female been located lately when at rest and not digesting?

Where is she located now?

When you touch her how does the mid section feel?

Have you witness any signs such as a glow?


It’s hard to tell with the way she’s laying. Normally when my females would ovulate, they would be stretched out or very loosely coiled since the swollen part likely wouldn’t bend very easily. So I’m inclined to say she likely isn’t ovulating.

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Typically females will be a bit more stretched out, especially mid-body, with a “hook” at the tail where the eggs are pushed forward into the oviduct. The mid-body mass you see is the female pushing eggs forward.