Pac-Man Frog Parasites?

I just did a spot clean of my albino Pac-Man frog and noticed small white worms in the fresh poop. Has anyone had this issue and if so what did you do to remedy? I have been feeding earth worms, crickets, goldfish and even some Pac-Man food so I can’t say if it’s a food item. I have another P frog and husbandry is the same. But haven’t noticed any issues with him.

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sorry to hear that but I have never had any issues with past amphibians I have owned but it does fit the bill of some sort of parasite for sure. Once upon a time I used to also be heavily involved with my fair share of fish tanks and would sometimes get imported fish and they would arrive with intestinal parasites like what you are describing and my best guess is that it could be coming from the goldfish you are feeding. Goldfish are very well known to eat anything they can so I wouldn’t be surprised if the fish you are feeding have that. Certain pet stores carry deworning agents so definitely look into that. sorry for the lengthy response and welcome to the community by the way!

First off, welcome to the community!

It sounds like your little guy needs to see a vet asap. Specifically an exotic vet, someone who has experience with Pacman frogs! I hope your little one gets better quickly!

Also… Feeding fish may not be the best idea since you do not know if they have parasites themselves…

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goldfish are especially susceptible since they will eat anything they can fit in their mouths. Back when I kept them and a few juvenile koi I would observe them eat mosquitoes, algae, fish poop, and things like that.

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Exactly! They might as well be a bottom feeder :joy:

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Goldfish are extremely bad to feed your animals as they are high in thiaminase. Here is a video that explains it (it is on snakes, but it applies to all animals). You need to take your frog to a vet, and don’t feed live fish to prevent this in the future. Use frozen thawed ones, especially if you source your feeders from pet stores.