Pac-Man frog

They told me to feed him crickets and earthworms. As bad as I hate crickets I bought some while I was at the show.
The smallest container he had was 100. I can pick up some worms at Wal-Mart or bait shop.
I can feed the crickets to my geckos also. So my geckos are happy as a lark this morning. Ginny started chasing them as soon as I put them in there.


Ah so Pac-mans are native to South America somewhere huh. Cool I didn’t know that. And yep they do have a big mouth alright–I bet if they could they’d show a real talent at being a garbage disposal stuffing their face with everything.

Yours is real cute. Hello froggy!!! I think darts will still be the amphibs of choice for me. Just wish they weren’t so small and could get big like your pac-man.

Lemme know what you are gonna name it and what sex it is when you find out.

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If you really hate crickets you can feed roaches! I had 15 Pac-Man frogs at one point in time and they all loved roaches! Roaches live longer and smell better too.

Pac-Man frogs look different than Pixie frogs, at least in my opinion. Their face shape seems quite different as well. My Pixie frog had a much more pointed face than my Pacmans. Pac-man frogs also have a lot of different morphs while most Pixie frogs are just an olive color. The Pixie frog also grow larger! Overall really cool frogs!

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I saw those dubia roaches when I got the crickets . From what I have heard those things multiply really fast.
You could have a thousand before you know it.
They kinda give me the creeps, LOL!
But I might try getting a few.


Well His or Her name is simply Strawberry. The name actually came from the Up in Smoke Movie, Cheech’s
My Brother picked it out.
It’s a gender neutral name. I was thinking of naming Him/Her that anyway. Worked out good.

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I see. Makes me wonder how do you sex these anyway. I read somewhere with darts you can just wait and see if they start calling and that they were likely ♂ if they do. Guessing that applies to these as well??

In any case Strawberry is a nice looking rep of his/her species. I think I’ll look up some stuff on them and pixie frogs both just to try to learn something before today’s extreme heat kicks me outta my room (we are expecting temps with humidex to be more than 100 F til about Wed this week so far).

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Amphibian rehabilitator here; I would absolutely second chubby frogs and tomato frogs as good beginner terrestrial frogs. I would argue that tomato frogs are the absolute easiest and a great middle ground for both temperature and care requirements. Pac-Man frogs are also great with slightly higher temperature needs, and will eat absolutely anything. If you find somebody reputable who has a female you will get an absolutely massive frog and the colorings on those guys cannot be beat.

A lot of people refer to them as pet rocks, but if you tend to stay up later in the night like I do, or even past lights out, you will see them hopping around quite a bit. My female is quite big so I always see her loafed out in the open when I walk by during the day.

As other commenters I’ve mentioned, frogs are definitely a display pet but provided that you keep a box of vinyl powder free gloves on hand, short handling sessions occasionally are absolutely fine!


I think so far Dart frogs are still gonna be my fav kind of amphib…I wonder if anything will ever dethrone them.

I def wanna have darts one day when I can.

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They had some petty dart frogs at the show too. They were very pretty colors.
I just like Strawberry better, I know I won’t have to worry about him jumping out on me when I am feeding him or cleaning his terrarium. He has moved since I put him in there. Mostly at night while I’m asleep. I put him in the living room on the table in between our recliners. We can watch him while we are chilling in our chairs.


:sob: I think my Strawberry is dead. :sob:
I got up to check on all my babies as usual, Strawberry had his eyes closed and not breathing. What did I do wrong? I had everything in his tank right. I have been feeding him every other day. Crickets and night crawlers.
But I cut the worms up, so it would be smaller pieces. I didn’t think He could handle a whole worm. Too big.
Temp in between 75 to 85. Moist soil, high humidity. Soil is approximately
2 to 3 inches In depth. 2 small parthos plant in each back corner. I don’t understand. I love that frog.:sob:

Pac man are quite sensitive, we rescued one last year with severe MBD. Unfortunately after months he didn’t make it. Was gutting as he was doing so well then next day gone…

Do you think any of the food was too big at all for him?
Is there a hard bit at all in belly? As could even be impaction.
Also Could of even had a disease or parasite prior to you getting him.
this is what the other halves friend think wiped his out. He had quite a few, all different morphs, beautiful frogs! One day started dropping like flies, The only thing to make them all die so suddenly was that they must of had an unknown parasite/disease with previous breeder.

Deep condolences!! I’m very sorry to hear he may have passed. If so I hope you find out the cause and that he rests easy at Rainbow Bridge. I hope he didn’t really pass and just springs back to life.

I have been watching him all day. Thought maybe He was in some kind of hibernation. But haven’t seen a change.

When I brought him home He had
Pooped in the container he was in.
But I have not found any in the terrarium that I have him in now.
I fed him cricket’s up until last Thursday.
He might have not tolerated the pieces of worm I gave him. I cut the worm in pieces. Maybe an inch and a half long.
Gave him a piece Last Thursday, then Saturday when we got back from Chattanooga that evening. He moved around 3 or 4 times before burrowing in the soil.
He seemed fine yesterday. He didn’t move from his spot. Which was nothing unusual. It was not food day.
I didn’t really look at him closely. I slept most of the day.

Today would have been feeding day for him. I have no control over when He should poop. I read that they will put off pooping for a week sometimes.
Don’t know how true that is.
I will leave him in the terrarium tonight,
just in case. Then when I get home from work in the morning I will find a spot outside to bury him. My Brother will be heartbroken too. :disappointed_relieved: