Pacman heat help

I have attached a 16w exo terra heat mat to the side of the terrarium, connected to a thermostat, but the heat mat doesn’t get hot enough and never reaches the temp I’ve set the thermostat to. I’ve tried with two different heat mats and without thermostat, to rule out anything broken. Why doesn’g the heat mat get hot enough? It just gets to 30c, which through the glass only creates 23c in the substrate. I want to reach 28c on the substrate.

How do you all heat your Pacmans at night?

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Welcome to the forum @sharpereptiles! I have a Matcha Pac-Man frog and his heat mat is under his enclosure. I have it set for around 85 degrees. He is thriving, nice and plump! Some care sheets say “no” to under tank heating but in this case it is working well.

Welcome again and feel free to ask all the questions you need to ask! Good luck with your :frog:! :blush::worried:

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Thank you so much! Does your Pacman dig itself down there where the heat mat is? Prefering to be where its located?