Paired Leos and no eggs yet? How long should i wait before repairing?

I paired my leos on the 13th of February and its been that 16-22 days and nothing, i cant see the eggs in her stomach either, and was just wondering if the pairing was unsuccessful and need to put them back together to lock again or if its the first year a female is breeding she takes longer? i havent found anything on that when researching prior but thought id ask here

She might just not be ovulating yet. I usually pair every 2 weeks. She could also be too young. How heavy is she? Assuming she’s old enough I would just pair every 2 weeks and she should lay eggs.

was of right now she is just over 65 grams and shes just under 2 years old according to the breeder i got her from, i do belive i saw her ovulating when i went to initially pair them, kept checking every week or so before putting them together since i wouldn’t imagine her being submissive and such when she wasnt ready to breed,
Thank you for getting to this fast af lol

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If she’s willing to breed she might be ovulating and you just don’t know. Checking for eggs is very difficult (I personally am terrible at it) so unless you have something to compare it to you might just not notice it. I think pairing every couple weeks until her first clutch is the best thing to do.

alright thanks a bunch, il prob pair tomorrow, my male will be exited at least, hes been on the prowl for some booty LOL