Pairing for this season

I have 5 ball pythons
0.1 normal
0.1 yellow belly
0.1 enchi
1.0 champagne lesser pastel pos supper pastel
1.0 fire

I was thinking about paring the champagne with the normal and the enchi. And the fire to yellow belly. Just curious what everyone else would do?

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Definitely your call. I would do whatever you like and want to work with. If you like the combos your pairings you have listed would produce, I wouldn’t change anything.

That said, if it was me, I would pair your champagne lesser pastel poss super pastel to all your females. That’s your best male, and if he’s a super, you won’t get any normals which would be easier to sell in the long run.

But always go with what appeals to you, after all you’re going to have to interact with the babies every day. So the more you like your projects the more success you’ll have.


Personally I would pair for the best outcomes and variety, I would not pair a single gene well at least not one that has been around so long.


If your best male is a champagne lesser pastel poss super pastel… Well use it with all females. You have more chances to have nice complex. In my opinion is useless to breed a fire with normal.